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Mikah Bates  So I think Wednesday is as good a day as any to not go to school. So long as a certain person doesn't show up (and maybe if a certain other person does) this is gonna be a good day

Feb 29 2012 01:54 PM

Tae-Yang Francis's Photo
Tae-Yang Francis  Feb 29 2012 04:23 PM
Ignore who? What's wrong?
Arabella Schuyler's Photo
Arabella Schuyler  Feb 29 2012 04:29 PM
Chris is back in town and won't leave her alone. He's showing up places that he's not wanted.
Mikah Bates's Photo
Mikah Bates  Feb 29 2012 06:04 PM
And it's so freaking creepy, he's got tattoos everywhere and smells like a freaking tobacco farm that blew up >.<

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